Pubg PC UPDATE #22

PUBG has released an update that introduces New Anti-Cheat System, gameplay tweaks, and a new Wheel Menu.

New anti-cheat sytem

As part of our ongoing efforts to combat cheating, we’ve developed a new anti-cheat system in-house at PUBG Corp. which we’re now bringing to live servers, after an extensive period on our test servers. This system is being used in addition to our existing anti-cheat solutions. 

Expect to see a new popup when you start the client. To help us refine our anti-cheat service it would be helpful for us if you play with the “Enable Anti-cheat” box checked, if you experience issues you can disable this.

We’ve fixed previous compatibility issues experienced by some players, although we’ve kept the option to disable the new anti-cheat system while we go through the final stages of testing in the live server environment. Once testing is complete, you will be unable to disable this system.

Fix pubg update

Wheel Menus

Added UI that allows players to access a quick-select wheel (similar UI with the Emote system) for the quick selection of items without opening the inventory or pressing individual hotkeys.

Player order consistency

Player order between the lobby and in-game is now consistent so that players will have fixed numbers and colors based on lobby order when they enter a game.


Players can now further magnify the minimap.

Friend UI

Friend UI has been improved to show logged out / disconnected teammates.

Bug fixes

Bug Fixes

  • CHARACTER MOVEMENT #01: Fixed the issue where players could sometimes climb stairs much faster while moving diagonally next to the wall.
  • DBNO PLAYER WALL PENETRATION: Fixed the issue where sometimes a downed players' character model would penetrate walls.
  • SLIDING FIX #01: Fixed the issue where characters would look like they were sliding while standing up if they took out a weapon and stood up at the same time.
  • SLIDING FIX #02: Fixed the issue where a player appeared to slide when standing up or moving while going prone before landing from a certain height.
  • STUN AND ONFIRE ANIMATION: Fixed the issue where Flashbang and Molotov stun and on fire animations could be cancelled when repeatedly crouching/standing up/prone/or equipping a weapon.
  • ARMED ANIMATION: Fixed the issue where characters occasionally appeared to be unarmed when they were actually armed.
  • PLAYER UI: Fixed an issue where the player UI would sometimes disappear in the observer's view.
  • ADS BUG #02: Fixed the issue where ADS worked unreliably when ADSing right after equipping a weapon.
  • VEHICLE INTERACTION: Fixed the issue where a player sometimes received collision damage from a motorcycle when another player picked up the motorcycle.
  • CHARACTER POSITION #03: Fixed an issue where a character sometimes rotated even though its feet were fixed when the screen was rotated more than 180 degrees left or right.
  • CHARACTER MOTION #01: Fixed the issue where a player was sometimes shown as scoping when taking steps next to a wall.
  • VAULTING: Fixed the issue where characters could vault over other characters when positioned at certain heights.
  • CHARACTER MOTION #02: Fixed the issue where a player would sometimes clip through the floor of a building when disembarking a motorcycle.
  • REPORT SPAMMING: Fixed the issue where a player could be reported multiple times by playing the replay over and over.
  • LOBBY HP BAR DISPLAY: Fixed the issue where a character's HP bar was sometimes shown in the lobby after exiting the server replay.
  • POPPING #01: Fixed the issue where a character's animation popped upward when getting close to the wheels of a buggy.
  • POPPING #02: Fixed the issue of where a character's animation popped upward when crouching and standing up near a vehicle.
  • I SEE DEAD PEOPLE: Fixed the issue of seeing headless characters when using healing items in FPP mode in prone position or when entering a vehicle.
  • SEEING THROUGH WALLS: Fixed the issue where you can sometimes see through walls and rock surfaces while riding the motorcycle.
  • CAMERA #01: Fixed the issue where your camera sometimes goes through the vehicle when the vehicle is leaning on an object

See full update list at the link below!